Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Win
Where It Counts—at Home

Rhythms, Lessons, and Experiences that Create Deeper
Connections with Your Children and Spouse

Connect with Jim

Rhythms, Lessons, and Experiences
that Create Deeper Connections
with Your Children and Spouse

Connect with Jim

Jim Sheils empowers and inspires entrepreneurs and leaders  to connect with their families with deeper connections than ever thought possible.  His simple proven methodologies instantly transform communication, trust, and respect to help entrepreneurs win at home.

One-on-one or with a small leadership team, Jim’s consulting and training delivers pragmatic and practical actions that build stronger families at home and more cohesive teams for your business.

When YPO, EO, Genius Network, Mastermind Talks, Gathering of Titans, and other entrepreneur organizations want to challenge members to win at home, Jim Sheils is their voice of experience.

In keynote presentations, workshops, team events, or private consulting, Jim has helped hundreds of the top entrepreneurs and thought leaders around the world focus and implement where it really counts—at home. Jim’s deceptively simple methodologies are able to be integrated instantly and provide immediate deeper connections for entrepreneurs and their families.

“You Deserve the Relationship You Want with Your Kids.”

Insightful and compelling conversations around the effective tools developed by Family Board Meetings Founder, Jim Sheils


“Jim and Family Board Meetings has the best actions and principles I have ever seen for entrepreneurs with family.  By building rhythms into our week, we now have more time, more connected conversations, and a relationship that is beyond what I ever thought possible."

Rick Sapio

"There are exercises I have never done in my own life, or thought about doing with my son, in a really safe environment. The other kids were so welcoming, my son made friends, and they were having great conversations."

Garrett Gunderson

“Following Jim Sheils' Board Meeting system has been a game changer for deepening my connection and relationship with my 10 year old daughter. Board Meetings with your kids will become a highlight for you and them, creating memories for both of you to cherish in the years ahead. I see the results reflected back to me from my daughter's joy, enthusiasm, and deeper connection between the two of us.”

Robert Thordarson

"In my mind, Jim Sheils best exemplifies what being an entrepreneur means. Two board meetings acco­mplished and a great success. Really, really great. Thank you."

James Altucher

NY Times Best Selling Author

“We develop simple rhythms and experiences that harness the power of quality time, deepen connection, and teach the important lessons not taught in school by creating moments that last forever.”

-Jim Sheils