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Family Crazy Glue Kit: Rhythms, Lessons & Experiences

Our process


Simple, structured activities you share with your children or spouse that deepen connections.

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Learn how to engage in the education of our children to actually prepare your child for life.

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Retreats that enable parent and child to connect and to create memories that last forever.

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inspiring speaker

Jim Sheils empowers and inspires entrepreneurs and leaders to connect with their families with deeper...

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family consultant

One-on-one or with a small leadership team, Jim’s consulting and training delivers pragmatic and...

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What people are saying

"There are exercises I have never done in my own life, or thought about doing with my son, in a really safe environment. The other kids were so welcoming, my son made friends, and they were having great conversations."

Garrett Gunderson CEO of Wealth Factory

"In my mind, Jim Sheils best exemplifies what being an entrepreneur means. Two Board Meetings acco­mplished and a great success. Really, really great. Thank you."

James Altucher NY Times Best Selling Author

“Jim shared his Board Meetings philosophy, and I have been following it with my 10-year-old daughter. Our communication and openness has increased significantly, and I will be forever grateful to him and his teachings.”

Daniel A. Marcos CEO/Co-Founder of Growth Institute

"I took Jim's principles, applied to my relationships with my grandchildren, and low and behold, it worked. My relationships turned a positive corner. May not work for you, I wasn’t sure it would work for me, but it did and might for you too. There is caring work to do, and well worth the time and application for such valuable relationships. I'm on board with Family Board Meetings."

Paul Bigham President of Bigham Agency, Inc

When YPO, EO, Harvard University and other world-class organizations want to help their people to succeed at home, they call on Jim Sheils.

In keynote presentations, workshops, team events, or private consulting, Jim has helped hundreds of the top entrepreneurs and thought leaders around the world focus and implement where it really counts, at home. Jim’s simple methods are able to be integrated instantly and provide immediate deeper connections for entrepreneurs and their families.

“You deserve the relationship you want with your kids.”

Jim is dedicated to fixing the epidemic of entrepreneurs with broken homes, by teaching entrepreneurs how to reconnect with their spouse and children, and hold that connection forever.

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